About Us

What does Mobiah do?

Mobiah is a seasoned group
of marketers, designers, engineers, analysts and content creators
all focused on making technology
work for our clients.

Founded in 2009,
we build, publish, test and track
all types of digital media.

We make web apps, mobile apps,
things that send text messages,
things that eat text messages.
We also make things that can talk to you too.

Today we serve our customers;
see our client engagements.

And the scanner?

What if we told you
we built a scanner
with a very special set of skills.

This scanner can get a read
on a site’s analytics mix
faster than you can
do it all by yourself.

We publish a free version
our scanner at golivescan.com.
It is a reflection
of our favorite pursuits
and we hid a few things in there
for fun.

Is there information you need
about every site you check?

Send us a note
so we can evaluate
and maybe… just maybe
we can add it to the scanner.